The Death By Audio Arcade is a series of local multiplayer arcade cabinets produced by NYC-based indie game developers at the legendary music venue, Death by Audio, in Brooklyn, NY.

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The Deathmatch by Audio series returns in fine form as we devote our 8th iteration to celebrating our latest arcade release, VOLLEYGON, alongside a slew of other multiplayer indie games by fellow NYC-based developers. RSVP on Eventbrite and join us on November 19th at Madwell at 266 Johnson Ave. from 7PM onward! There's also gonna be a tournament; flex your skills and win some savory prizes! As always, there will a burly lineup of games to play! The entire line-up includes...

  • Nothing Good Can Come of This
  • Futbol Forever
  • Nest
  • Powerboat Italia '88
  • Skyhook
  • Black Emperor
  • Stage Fright
  • Witchball
  • Timejammers demo
  • ...and more to come!


DBAA is excited to give a shout out to one of our members for a new publishing partnership with ScrewAttack Games for the release of Super Rad Raygun!

Chris Hernandez (Artist for Crystal Brawl) and Chris Bryant have worked together as TruFun Entertainment, and expect to launch the game this spring. Inspired by 4 color Gameboy aesthetics and classic 2d platforming mechanics, it will send players on a retro themed adventure through the 1980's, battling the Soviet Union and carrying out American foreign policy in a fun filled romp through the global conflict zones of the cold war! Fun!

Super Rad Raygun will launch on Steam this Spring for Mac and PC - follow the devs on twitter at @trufun202, or at SuperRadRaygun.com!

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VOLLEYGON is a raucous 2-on-2 anti-gravity showdown where geometric shapes flying through space take center stage! Utilize the ceiling and floor to bounce, lob, and smash the ball into your opponent's zone! Just be careful as the ball can change gravity on a whim, and so can your opponents!


DRINK RINK is a bar. No, it's a game. No wait, you play the game with your drink? On top of the bar? Sounds potentially dangerous.

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Crystal Brawl


Particle Mace

Powerboat Italia '88

Fútbol Forever

Nothing Good Can Come Of This

Slam City Oracles

Star Versus